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Over the past 30 years, CCLS has contributed to the postgraduate education of over 10,000 lawyers. We are proud of our alumni community and like to keep in touch. Please join over 2,000 other members in our Alumni LinkedIn group

Numerous alumni of both the London and Paris LLM programmes are now living and working in Paris, and we are keen to bring everyone together as a community that can meet up, network, exchange ideas and expertise, as well as engage with a variety of formal and informal activities in coordination with CCLS in Paris.

Monica Cubillos Iregui, LLM Banking & Finance Law, Paris (2016-17)

One of the best things about studying in an international environment like the one provided at QMUL in Paris is that it gives you the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world and more importantly, it exposes you to a variety of different viewpoints. This situation has become very useful when performing my current job as a senior lawyer in a big Latin-American bank, as, due to that experience, I am more confident when communicating with people of different cultures - something that probably I couldn’t have done if I had stayed in my country. Furthermore, for professionals with a civil law background like me, this LLM Program focuses on so many international aspects that it is not necessary to be familiar in advance with common law in order to do well on the LLM. In any case, Common Law introductions are provided.
Monica Cubillos Iregui, LLM Banking & Finance Law, Paris (2016-17)

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